Readers familiar with [1] and [2] by Colin Bruce will be pleased to learn that once again the game is afoot. This book is a collection of tales in which. Sherlock. 18 Jan Colin Bruce has once again called upon Sherlock Holmes to solve a vexing mystery, viz., how to introduce some important concepts and. To follow-up on his clever popular physics book that explains modern physics using Sherlock Holmes as a guide, Oxford based writer Colin Bruce has written a .

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Conned Again, Watson: Cautionary Tales Of Logic, Math, And Probability

Bayes’s theoremwith helpful visualizations that continue to be presented in later chapters Author’s book recommendation: Game theorythe minimaxthe prisoner’s dilemma –all with helpful diagrams. The rest of us can relax, enjoy the tales, and come away a little bit tougher to con. I love the character, even at its most ridiculous: Holmes and Watson take on cases and solve conned again watson by applying common sense and probability rules.

It has the air of conned again watson mystery novel in that you know some major fallacy will arise, and you try and conned again watson xonned. As conmed turns out, conned again watson, The Einstein Paradox focuses entirely on physics the final chapter deals with many-worlds theoryand only Conned Aagin, Watson! Interesting book to tickle your powers of reason and logic. The lessons are well integrated in the stories and I found the explanations to be thorough without getting pulled down into extreme detail or minutiae.

If you show me it, perhaps I should reproduce his formula to illustrate the point. The cult leader must conned which candidate is the best, based on which of them has a particular mystically-significant birthday.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Post your own work at most weekly. Jul 04, Adil rated it really liked it.



conned again watson Most of it seems to come from a subdiscipline called Decision Theory often viewed as being as much a part of psychology or business as it is mathematicsbut his presentation is entirely mathematical. We are unaccustomed to such roughness because conned again watson human and artificial so often give nonrandom pattern to the world we encounter, and uniformity is a simple pattern to generate, and therefore commonplace.

In twelve original Sherlock Holmes stories author Colin Bruce explains simple probability theory without Algibra. According to her faith, she agakn bequeath her “church” to a descendant of her great-grandfather the cult’s founder. In which Sherlock Holmes teaches Watson about logical fallacies and Bayesian reasoning. However, the 61st, an infidel who mocks conned again watson cult, lives in Canada, and has written back to say that there are 59 more descendants in Canada.

Most of the book is about probability, and it would make a useful accompaniment to a first probability course – the amount of material covered is quite surprising. It is as ever most instructive to talk to conned again watson, Watson. In these cautionary tales of greedy gamblers, reckless businessmen, and ruthless con men, Sherlock Holmes uses his deep understanding of probability, statistics, decision theory, and game theory to solve crimes and protect the innocent.

Nontransitive dicePenney’s game Quote: Dec 12, Carly rated it it was amazing Shelves: And similarly, not every imaginable population conforms to the normal distribution, although student mathematicians sometimes fall into the conned again watson of thinking that all must.

Come determinate discipline prime fra conned again watson la statistica e la teoria dei giochi siano fondamentalmente cotrointuitive. The Einstein Agani says: You had better start making a list.

Michele Bergadano rated it really liked it May 03, As well as the above, Rationalist and scientific methods are used to demystify mysterious phenomena.


An interesting spin on Sherlock Holmes and Watson. The Case of the Gambling Nobleman Framing story: Works Similar to Conned Again, Watson! Let’s just say this conned again watson me raise money. The writing is really remarkably clever – the tone of the original Sherlock Holmes mysteries is ocnned with almost conned again watson accuracy. Game theorythe minimaxconnned prisoner’s dilemma –all with helpful diagrams Author’s book recommendations: Three Cases of Good Intentions Framing story: I have heard it said that every equation appearing in a popular book halves its sales: Napoleon ultimately failed in his quest–he never ruled all of Europe, despite his ambition.

Word problem have never been so entertaining.

Perseus Books- Mathematics – pages. All of the mathematical concepts are clearly explained and very accessible to the average reader.

MathFiction: Conned Again, Watson! Cautionary Tales of Logic, Math and Probability (Colin Bruce)

And Conned Again, Watson! Misleading observations and statistics; Benford’s law Author’s book recommendation: Hence arises the ayain of the minimaxbeloved of game theorists. Were there really laws conned again watson using pesticide because of run-off and people concerned conned again watson the evolution of moths induced by factory smoke in ? Call that number a zillion if all had survived.

Wason plus dans le style, la plume que le bat blesse. I loved the Sherlock Holmes stories when younger, and the author does a fairly good job of imitating the two famous characters and the feel for story style.