Blokker Holding and Alteri Investors (Alteri) have reached agreement on the sale of toy The intended transaction is in line with Blokker Holding’s revised strategy announced Lees het meest recente jaarverslag van Blokker Holding in pdf. Blokker Holding and TEDi GmbH & Co. KG (TEDi) have reached agreement on the sale of Xenos’ German activities to TEDi. Xenos, the Dutch. ADDRESS DETAILS. This is a translation of the annual report of Blokker Holding BV. In the case of inconsistency, the Dutch version will prevail.

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Blokker Holding is a retail company focussing on household goods and toys. Home Newsroom Blokker Holding results Retail chain Marskramer will continue as a franchise format and wholesale organisation.

Ludo Bijvoet appointed Managing Director of Blokker B.V.

In Germany, we aim at opening about new stores per fiscal year, the total number blokier stores Europe-wide is supposed to grow to 5, within the next few years. The E-DC in Gouda, the Netherlands will remain in operation in order to handle the strong growth in online orders. We expect the favourable trend of the last quarter to continue. Retail companies must, however, continually undergo renewal in order to remain relevant and appealing within a playing field that is becoming increasingly more competitive with consumers who are placing higher demands.

Blokker Holding is a Dutch retail group specialising in household items and toys. Blokker Holding sells Intertoys to Alteri Investors.

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Blokker Holding by Nurettin Kara on Prezi

I am convinced that this is the best possible outcome for all stakeholders and a solid next step in the execution of Blokker Holdings revised strategy. The first positive effects of the new strategy manifested themselves at Blokker Nederland during the last quarter of About Blokker Holding Blokker Holding is a Dutch retail group specialising in household items and toys.

In the stores, 11, different products will be offered, depending on the location and the size of the store. This is a far-reaching decision for our colleagues who serve our customers with great dedication every day and who help behind the scenes to bring about modernisation within the different retail companies.

It proves that quality, a broad assortment, fair prices and a sustainable engagement are not mutually exclusive.

Blokker Holding results 2017

He played a key role in recent years in elaborating and implementing the strategic plan and sale of Intertoys in his role as Chief Financial Officer. About Intertoys Intertoys — founded in in Gouda — operates around stores including more than franchise across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxemburg, with one or more webshops in each country.

The retail chain employs more than 3, people and operates around stores. This also creates a safety net for those colleagues who lose their jobs. Consequently Xenos stores will be converted into TEDi stores within several months. In addition, accessories for cars and bikes as well holdiing seasonal products are offered. We continue to work on a strong commercial positioning and a sound preparation for the future sale of Xenos Netherlands.


Jobs will be lost at Blokker, Marskramer and at the holding head office.

The operational signs for Blokker have improved on last year, and the largest restructuring efforts have been finalised. Blokker Holding currently focuses through seven retail formulas on three markets: Approximately 13, employees in the Netherlands and abroad work at the retail companies to be sold.

The remaining positions will be phased out and eventually eliminated. Blokker Holding currently has six retail formulas with more than 1, stores in eight countries and circa 18, employees.

The expenses and write-offs related to this substantial restructuring operation have therefore caused earnings to decline sharply. The transaction includes all existing employment contracts. Ludo Bijvoet is an experienced retailer who has been involved in executing the strategy Blokker Holding jolding in May About Blokker Holding Blokker Holding is a retail company focussing on household goods and toys. With approximately 14, employees, TEDi is currently represented in six European countries: Home Newsroom Blokker Holding opts for full focus on Blokker.

Bijvoet is succeeding Casper Meijer at Blokker B. This is why Blokker Holding will focus on one retail chain in the future: