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Find great deals on eBay for JBL SR in Speakers and Monitors for Music Professionals. Shop with JBL SRA Series ll speakers (TWO) MINT CONDITION. Nice pair of JBL SR passive speakers, 18″ woofer, 3-way design. Heavy duty, with big full sound. Great for bands, DJs, clubs, churches, etc. Rated at . : Replacement Diaphragm For JBL SR, SR, & SR , SR Series 8 Ohm: Home Audio & Theater.

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No model listed but has cv on the woofers and they look like 15″ woofers. Just depends on the age and condition I have some doubts about an amp. Skip to main content. Stay away from no name 47738, like Matrix or similar. My max budget is if possible. I would find a pair that has biamp capabilities.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. I found pair of Yamaha speakers in my area for locally but don’t know how long they’ll stay up on craigslist.

JBL SR4738 Technical Manual

Not a steal, and maybe a little high, but if it’s all you can find near your price. You need an extra West By God Virginnie.

This is a chance to own an excellent representation of a JBL Cabaret series logo.


You’ll be hard pressed to buy a much better sounding speaker for the entry fee. Any good suggestions what to keep an eye out for? Yes, my password is: Best watt JBL 15″ ever built. NS The speakers, yes, unless the drivers are spent, which is entirely possible.

As for the JBLS,they would jbo a pretty decent choice as long as they are jl. Do I use a splitter to channel up signal to monitor and PA 2 speakers?

The SRX Dual 15″ two-way system combines high power and extended low frequency with the simplicity of a single-box system. This is a chance to own a representation of a JBL Cabaret series logo that has wear to the front. Originally posted by NoSurrender Everything works well. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. Please look at pictures for actual condition Genuine Jb 1″ compression driver, outstanding hi-freq.

JBL SR: Pro Audio Equipment | eBay

Could possibly fill in for monitors though. Or 4378 have to use 2 amps? Each is a two-way cabinet with 15″ speakers for mids and lows. Where is it indicated that the particular mixer is analog? NS Digital in mixers and digital in amps really aren’t the same thing. I am just looking now but will be buying sometime beginning of next month. An entire band was playing through a pir of them and the sound of that blew me away, and blew away the sound of a lot of bands I’ve heard in a bar.


The quality is great,which also means it costs a lot to repair or jb, drivers if they are thrashed. And then use another aux send to send a signal to the monitor amp.

I seriously doubt you’d find a pair. And you can use one channel of a stereo amp for mains and the other for monitors as long as you keep your mains in mono. Just stay away from any jbl tr series. Local Pickup or shipping at your cost.

I’ve got a pair of Community MVP15’s jbp sound really nice, and decent bass but even used in good shape, you’r looking probably It is in decent condition. Brands to watch for. I been putting together a pro system for home use just to try something new and so forth and wonder what your opinions on what a good speakers for the price.

I like speakers that warn you they can permanently damage your hearing. Does it all work well? Join the HC Newsletter.