Editorial Reviews. Review. Full-length drama in one act by August Strindberg, published in Swedish as Froken Julie in and performed in 24 Sep Miss Julie. By August Strindberg Characters. Miss Julie, the unmarried daughter of a Count who appear throughout the full text of the play. Read online: The NHB Drama Classics series presents the world’s greatest plays August Strindberg Strindberg’s Miss Julie is perhaps his most famous play.

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I think so, too. And I’ve mis about all this, that the only reason why my views were so awfully repugnant to her, was because they were mine, not be- cause they appeared absurd on their intrinsic merits. Something so as to be able to read one’s fortunes in the stars, so that you get a sight of the future?

You sit like a queen in the counting house, and set all your slaves in motion, with a single touch of your electric bell ; the visitors pass in procession by your throne, lay their treasure respect- fully on your table ; you’ve got no idea how men tremble when they take a bill up in- their hand I’ll touch up the bills, and you must sugar them with miss julie august strindberg full text sweetest laugh.

I wasn’t shocked that this new version of Miss Julie was good, but I was pleasantly surprised by the frankness of the language as opposed to older translations that err mis the side of gentility. Oh, well, she can get somebody else. Published on February 11, Write a new comment.

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The next was, that I was brought up by my mother to lead what she called a child’s natural life, and to do that, I had to learn everything that a boy has to MISS JULIE 29 learn, so that I could be a living example of her theory that stfindberg woman is as good as a man.

A strindebrg can lie on the Count’s sofa, a horse can be petted by a lady’s hand, on its muzzle, but a boy!

Full text of “Miss Julie and other plays”

No have a good time for two, three years, or as long as we can and then die. I must put matters- right. I read the story once in the paper about a chimney-sweep who laid down in a chest full of lilac because he was ordered to take additional nourishment. What does the man mean? But just keep your nerve and don’t play the fine lady. Would miss julie august strindberg full text like to report this content as inappropriate?

No; I usually dream I’m lying under a high tree in a gloomy forest. And a whore’s a whore.

Ebook Miss Julie and other plays by August Strindberg – read online or download for free

Why, the first day after my wife dtrindberg away, I lay on my sofa like a cripple and miss julie august strindberg full text myself up to my depression; it was as though she had taken my crutches, and I couldn’t move from the spot. You realized then that the real striving of the age, its aspiration for reality, for actuality, can only find a corresponding medium in sculpture, which gives bodies extension in the three dimensions.

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Of course I will. She wanted to have me quite to herself ; but much worse than that, my friends wanted to have her quite to themselves and so I was left miss julie august strindberg full text in the cold with my jealousy.

Not in that way? Can you see a way out of all this? Then I’ll wake her up.

My father comes home he finds his secretary broken open and his money stolen then he rings the bell twice for his servant and then he sends for the police and then I shall tell him everything. Share your thoughts with other customers.

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miss julie august strindberg full text He first had to be on the cross and feel the nails in his flesh. Miss Julie is mad again to-night absolutely mad! Is it too good for his son-in-law? Ah, it’s just her time, and then she always takes on so strange. I’d rather you killed it. An artistic child which she brought up. I almost fear it. Written at the end of the XIX century it’s both revolutionary in staging techniques and representative of the class struggles of the period. It’s awfully strange when one comes to think it over.

Yes, jule don’t hurt it ; don’t!

Go in, and get ready, and then we’ll go to church.