the application must reside in a subdirectory named fscommand. The exec command works only from within a Flash projector file. */. case “exec”: //need to deal. I’ve tried the following: fscommand(exec, ); I have pdf files in the root directory with the projector file as well as a sub directory called ‘fscommand’. use and to execute anything in the sub-folder named ” fscommand”. import and; fscommand(“exec”.

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I will use it now since this is all I want to do. About Us Northcode exed a software company located in Whitehorse, Canada. And this is the code.

Check out this thread Opening external exe fdcommand via fscommand Ask Question. English not my mother language so don’t blame me, I just do the best to sharing, just give me suggestion to fix it. By making copies of proxy. Love like you’ve never been hurt, live like there’s no tomorrow and dance like nobody’s watching.

Deny, The srcipt can be in other layer but on same timeline. I may have done something wrong. How can I hide that?

I was very lucky to find this as I spent half of my day trying to figure this out in CS5. I published the Mac projector and am getting ready to send it to the client to review. Nothing happens when i click the button. FScommand folder – invoke.


Conquering FSCommand EXEC

Your SWF Studio projectors will be able ss3 pass arguments to external applications and you won’t have to put the executables you want to run in the fscommand sandbox folder.

Any helpful hints would be most appreciated. I can succesfully open other exe s like Windows Media Player. Is it a way to open the pdf without a button, just after an animation instead? This is a plain text file that you can create with notepad or your favorite text editor. You don’t have to store the files you want to open in the fscommand folder, but for your first test this makes things easier. If love my work, you can support execc and follow me on Twitter.

Yes unfortunately I have to use Flash Projector. Brett Widmann May 7, at Now, my only issue is that none of the documents open on the Mac side There are two things I need to open up, vscommand using your method would work very well, but I tried to make a separate. Contact exdc today for an hourly or fixed price quote.

How To Open PDF File From Flash using Fscommand | Artfans Design

You can change the BAT file to launch the PDF file from anywhere you like, as long as you can create a valid path to the file. I’m using CS6, but can save down to a previous version.

March 30, Download: To start viewing messages, select the forum that fscommxnd want to visit from the selection below. Place your PDF document called file1.


Sign up using Facebook. I have a question: Would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to look at it If you put a trace statement in the launch function you’ll see that it isn’t getting called! Publish the Flash Document in Windows Projector.

NC, I’m working on a hybrid cd and web project and have the getURL working on the web-side, the bat files working on the PC side and just need to get the applescript files compiled. I don’t know why a flash projector can not open another one!! Hi Northcode – I feel like I am close to this working. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: You can use getURL to open most documents, but sometimes the document opens behind the projector.

Last edited by Northcode; at This makes targeting files from AppleScript a little trickier because every reference you make is relative to the fscommand folder, where the AppliScript has to be so you can EXEC it. Of course it can, it’s just an exe like any other exe file!

Noylin April 17, at I am using Flash CS5 on macintosh.