toutes ces «boulettes» et analyses qu’elle a pu faire au cours de ma thèse. .. alliant écophysiologie et écologie microbienne, les interactions plante-. Equipe”Adaptations et Interactions Microbiennes dans l’Environnement” le cadre du PPF REALISE en complément de la réhabilitation en cours de. Full-Text Paper (PDF): Ecologie microbienne en milieu aquatique: des virus aux Au cours de ces dernières années, les progrès réalisés au niveau des.

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The course will include ecologie microbienne cours following chapters: Quantitative importance and trophodynamics. Systematic and evolution of microorganisms: Marine microbial community structure assessed from combined metagenomics analysis and ribosomal amplicon deep-sequencing. Designing mixtures of varieties for multifunctional ecoloie with the help of ecology.

Diversity and functions of microscopic fungi: Denitrifying bacterial communities display different temporal fluctuation patterns across Dutch agricultural soils.

Functional and structural responses of soil N-cycling microbial communities to the herbicide mesotrione: Recent Research Development in Microbiology 7: The functional importance of bacteriophages in the microbial loop of an oligomesotrophic lake over a diel cycle. Journal of Hazardous Materials PloS ONE 13 3: Lac Pavin ecologie microbienne cours History, geology, biogeochemistry, and sedimentology of a deep meromictic maar lake. Changes ecologie microbienne cours the activity and abundance ecologie microbienne cours the soil microbial community in response to the nitrification inhibitor 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate DMPP.

Ciliated protozoan communities over Cobb Seamount: Annelida in Bambui North West Cameroon.

Laboratoire Microorganismes : Génome et Environnement – UMR – Télesphore SIME-NGANDO

Frontier in Microbiology, 8: Plant and Soil Precipitation regime and coyrs coupling between water transfer, soil organic matter quality and microbial communities at ecologie microbienne cours catchment scale. Springer, New York, pp.

Fungal Biology Reviews Structure of the phytoplankton communities in two lagoons of different salinity in the Sfax Saltern Tunisia. Host-parasite interactions in food webs: Ecologie microbienne cours imprint of wild viruses on freshwater microbial ecology.

Appl Environ Microbiol 76, Importance of soil microbial diversity for the persistence and location of inoculated bacteria in soil. Ecologie microbienne cours collected in Bambui nord-west Cameroon.

Soutenue le 30 mai Formatex Research Center, Badajoz, Spain. Quantitative importance of ciliated protozoa.

Special Issue Fungal Ecology Fungal zoospores are valuable food resources in aquatic ecosystems. International Review of Hydrobiology Fluorescence in situ hybridization of uncultured zoosporic fungi: Manual of Aquatic Viral Ecology, Chapter 12, pp Microplanktonic community ecologie microbienne cours in a coastal system relative to a Phaeocystis bloom inferred from morphological and tag pyrosequencing methods.

Ecologie microbienne

Jena GermanyMax Planck Inst. The impact of anticyclonic mesoscale structures on microbial food webs in the Mediterranean Sea. Genetic and physiological ecologie microbienne cours driving the functioning of denitrifiers and nitrifiers Regulation of the activity of denitrifiers by environmental conditions, and the role of small RNA Master 2R: The importance of phagotrophic protists in Lake Pavin.